Domestic Work

Switchboards, Renovations, Underground Power, Rewiring, Mains Upgrades, Lighting, Power, Appliances.

Whatever your domestic electrical needs Dolphin Electrical can help.


Everything from office fitouts to boardroom installations.

Dolphin Electrical can help with all your commercial electrical needs.

Industrial Work

To connect power or equipment.

Dolphin Electrics are experts at industrial electrical work.

Dolphin Electrics has a 24hr emergency service for when you need emergency electrical work.

Its extensive trade expertise coupled with personable client communication guarantees a superior client service.

With two trucks on the road, Dolphin Electrics provides comprehensive electrical services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors to the greater metropolitan region.

Dolphin Electrics is managed by Martin Zull who is a fully-qualified licensed electrician and registered electrical contractor with more than 25 years experience in the industry.

His extensive industry experience began as an apprentice industrial electrician at Nissan before expanding into family engineering businesses.

Innovative and strategic in approach, Dolphin Electrics thrives on any challenge likely to test the Company's electrical and engineering expertise and skills.

The Dolphin Electrics team have adopted the same thorough approach to on-site safety quality technique and in office systems.


Heightened awareness surrounding electrical safety standards and reliable power supply in the home has prompted renewed focus in recent years on switchboards to ensure high degrees of safety modern technology can provide.

If you are concerned about the health & safety standards of your switchboard contact Dolphin Electrics for a free evaluation/quote.

Protect your family by having a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your switchboard to determine any potential risk.


  • Remove and replace outdated switchboards
  • Install safety switches (RCDs)
  • Replace out of date rewirable fuses with more reliable circuit breakers.
  • Up grading the earthing system.
  • Mains Upgrades

    Until 1980s the main supply into the house only needed to be 6mm square cable which provided enough power to supply a single light point and power point per room.

    Nowadays, greater power demands courtesy of modern technology and new appliances have placed a significant burden on the original small mains cables.

    Excessive electricity supply demands can overload the mains cable which may cause overheating. Heavy usage may potentially lead to burn out or, even worse, a property fire.

    New installations demand a 16mm square cable to sustain two-and-half times as much power supply as the previous models.

    So contact Dolphin Electrics for a free assessment and no-obligation quote for your mains supply cable.

    For peace of mind, Dolphin Electrics liaises with relevant power suppliers and other organisations on your behalf to minimise disruptions to your life during the replacement process.


    Statistics reveal on average almost 750 people are seriously injured or killed as a result of electrocution in Australia every year.

    The results show the majority of accidents occur to men aged between 15 and 45-years-old. Similar research suggests installing safety switches greatly reduces the number of severe accidents and fatalities.

    Also be aware insurance companies will not covered works carried out by unqualified people or unable to produce an electrical compliance certificate.

    So not only are you potentially putting yourself and your family at risk but also jeopardising your home and irreplaceable valuable personal items if adversity strikes.

    Dolphin Electrics work well with their clients to ensure high quality craftsmanship, wiring & installation of all your lights and an array of household appliances both inside and outside your home.

    We also make alterations to existing properties without causing any major cosmetic damage.

    Contact Dolphin Electrics for a free assessment and no-obligation quote of your renovation needs.

    Service guarantee:

  • Extensive trade knowledge
  • On time
  • Reliable
  • Clean and tidy
  • Regular client communication
  • Rewiring

    Like most things, electrical wiring & components have a life span that, once reached, can create major headaches in your property.

    Generally wiring dating older than 50 years has significantly deteriorated if not already reached its life expectancy.

    Added to that, electrical cable standards have increased significantly in the intervening period which means any wiring installed previous to 1980s need reassessment to determine their present condition.

    Contact Dolphin Electrics for a free assessment and no-obligation quote to assess the condition of your house wires.

    Underground Power

    Underground power is now become more common place in residual market. The benefits include improved safety standards if installed correctly. It's also non-intrusive and less prone to power outages.

    Popular areas to install underground power:

  • Mains supply from street to property
  • House to Garage / Shed
  • Garden feature lights & power ponds
  • Spas & pools
  • Underground power is common place in new residential areas striving to create an aesthetically pleasing outlook.

    However laying power lines underneath the ground is not only limited to new land developments.

    It is also increasingly popular in treed areas that otherwise risk disrupted power supply interrupted from fallen trees / braches.

    People who own heritage style residences also favour underground power to enhance the home's classic features.

    Underground power must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor to ensure premium safety compliance standards.

    Contact Dolphin Electrics for a free assessment and no-obligation quote to assess if underground power can be installed at your premises.




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